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Torrent Files (.torrent) Association With µTorrent.


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I'm using µTorrent 3.4.2 (build 37951) on Windows 7 32-bit.


When I go to: Options > Preferences > General Tab and click on the button "Associate with torrent files" the button is grayed out, as if file association was made. But, in fact, after I click on "OK" button and close the tab, nothing actually changed. The next time, I go to the same: Options > Preferences > General Tab, the button "Associate with torrent files" is still alive (not grayed out), as if the file association was not made. BTW, the "Check association on startup" is checked.


Currently, when I click on torrent file, the "Open with" window (Recommended Programs) is showing (associated with) Corel PaintShop Pro X5 program. And I have no idea how it gets there and how to remove it.


What's wrong? Please help.

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I solved the problem, here's how:


Go to registry: 


and on the right pane there is a list of all associated programs. I had there three programs listed:

a ... uTorrent.exe

b ... firefox.exe

c ... Corel PaintShop Pro X5

So, I deleted the last program. That's it.

I left firefox.exe there, since it didn't make me any problems.


Hope, this will help someone with the similar problem.

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