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Upgrading to uTorrent Plus has slowed downloads significantly.


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For the past few months I was getting fair download/upload speeds = 14Mbps / 2.5Mbps, but I didnt like the annoying ads and I hated the virus/malware that accompanied some files, so I purchased and upgraded to uTorrent Plus 3.4.2 to hopefully protect me against viruses/malware and stop those ads.


But since changing to Plus my download speeds have dropped significantly.  Now I get downloads @ 112kBps max.  What the heck happened.

I have run the Setup guide umpteen dozen times, tried suggested changes all to no avail.


Surely having removed ads and adding a virus checker shouldn't slow downloads?


I have run the Ookla speed test and get 94.39Mbps download while upload is 38.43Mbps - so getting a Torrent download speed of just around 110kBps is just not cricket!!


Does anyone have ideas that can increase the download speed while keeping uTorrent Plus?  Otherwise I might just ask for my money back.



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