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Color of Highlighting the Torrents when select them!


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Guys, what's happening with ALL the latest versions of the client? Several versions of a row!

When you select a torrent, the selected highlight color - light light green , I would even say - white!)))
Are you kidding or what?

Last version where Highlighting Torrents was normal (blue as an system) it's 3.4.2 (build 35702)
screenshot http://i.imgur.com/nZtB2ZI.jpg
version of client http://i.imgur.com/jsvxvbw.jpg


Developers are going crazy or what? I can't see anything!

There is screenshot from latest vers. µTorrent Стабильный(3.4.2 build 37951) http://i.imgur.com/65f6T2c.jpg ???
very light green color, what do you think about?

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In W8.1 at least the selected-focused is very light blue, and the selected unfocused (select a torrent, click on the file list) is identical-to-not-selected gray.




One of the above is selected.


As for selected+focused, the gray items are 240 240 240, and the "blue" item is 226 (6%) 237(1%) 249(3.7%), which are an average of 3% off. Three. Percent. If only we had linear color perception, but we don't.


Whoever did this has the screen either cranked up to 200% color, or set their color to "cool" accenting blue in the detriment of red.


Also, OP is right, what is going on with uTorrent? This latest update completely ignored all my saved UI settings and started as a giant, full screen page of ads. Nothing in the regular UI showed me my files. What the actual heck? I had to go through Preferences > Advanced (Warning! Do not modify!) by hand and restart uT just to see my torrent list.

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The colour is light blue.


LOL)) okey, my mistake, I post first what I seen without details, and without RGB compare)))

this is nothing change...

Thank you very much guys at the top for support! I wrote directly to support uTorrent - they said that the only responsible for the "Pro users, and nothing can help me" ahaha  :D  It's like if I was a "Pro" they would have fixed the backlight torrents! moronity) :D

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