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Using utorrent server with symbolic links


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I posted this issue to http://superuser.com/questions/866261/using-utorrent-server-with-symbolic-links, but it doesn't seem like I'd get much help over there seeing as it's a general purpose forum. So here's the problem:


Recently I installed the utorrent-server (version 3.3) on Ubuntu (ver. 13.04) so I could have a familiar UI to work with when I'm not using my Windows laptop. It seems to work fine for the most part, except for one thing: I cannot download to folders in symbolic links.

I configured the server to put the new downloads in /home/<username>/Downloads, which by itself works fine. But then I made a symbolic link to my external HDD called "External" inside the folder, so logically, downloading anything to /home/<username>/Downloads/External should put the new files inside /media/user/<External Drive Name>, but the torrents aren't added to the queue when I do that. I thought it could only be a problem with removable drives, but when I tried to do the same with a symlink of a folder present in my partition (/home/<username>/Downloads/test_sym pointing to /home/<username>/test_sym/), it still doesn't work. Is there a way around this? This doesn't work for either downloading or seeding, so it has to be an issue with symbolic links in particular.




PS: All the symlinks are made with the GUI, not terminal. And it should be pretty self explanatory, but the symbolic links work fine, they just aren't recognized by uTorrent.



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