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uTorrent HTTP Request


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I am testing a bt tracker that I have made, and I am having some issues when testing with uTorrent. Currently, the tracker only supports announce over HTTP. I have tested with the Transmission bt client, and I am able to parse the announce request and have the client correctly receive a list of peers.


Essentially, when I try to update the tracker in uTorrent, the HTTP request doesn't contain any parameters like info_hash or peer_id. The request is made to the tracker URL, but there is no data being sent along with it. I have used Wireshark to monitor the outbound requests, as well as debug log request data from the tracker itself.


Can anyone explain why this is happening? I am wondering if uTorrent does not support openly announcing the torrent details or something (over plain HTTP), but it has proven very challenging to research this issue with Google searches.


Any information helps!



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Here is a partial screen shot from Wireshark, when uTorrent makes its request:



...and here is what it looks like when I'm running transmission:



So, as you can see I get a fully fleshed out request from Transmission but I get a siple GET / from uTorrent. I am able to facilitate end to end transfer using Transmisison-Transmission clients.

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In this development version, I am not opting for any additional paths other than the relative root path.


I am trying to conform to this specification, but it does not mention needing to have those paths specifically.



The ultimate goal would be to have a subdomain handle those separate areas i.e. announce.example.com/


Additionally, the torrent that I sampled was originally hosted on bttracker.debian.org:6969/ so, I am not the only one not using /announce.


Is that even something that is required, or is it just a surprise to you? (wondering if i'm doing something wrong)



Also, if it were important, wouldn't utorrent be making requests to those urls from the base tracker uri? I didn't see anything looking for /announce or /scrape in uTorrent's HTTP requests.

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