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Error can't find specified file or file path (write to disk)


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I have one of the latest builds and have a problem which I narrowed down to a file being too long. I am saving it to my NAS derive so this adds quite a few extra characters to the filename. I'm not sure if this is a problem with a limit in windows or uTorrent. The error shown does not specify the file and doesn't mention the file is too long. It just stops downloading everything due to a problem with a single file (saying it can't access the specified path I think although I haven't written down the error exactly).


The only way I can fix it currently is to skip the file it has problems with. This is the longest filename in the download and wasn't too hard to figure out. It took a while to guess what the problem was, though as the error didn't mention anything. I also tried looking for a log but apparently uTorrent doesn't have log files for errors or anything else.


The problem is that ideally I should be able to relocate that file only so it downloads in a place where it doesn't need to use the long NAS drive path (I know I should probably map it to a drive letter but I haven't). For any other file, the reallocate works fine but this is the error when I right click an try relocating the skipped file:


 Invalid Folder Specified. Please choose another folder.



With any other file it just lets you choose a folder but with this one (where the complete path and filename are too long) it just shows that message instead without even letting me specify a folder.


Will this problem be fixed?


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I don't know about UNC paths but I think that is what I used for download and torrent locations (it is accessing a NAS network drive) as I haven't mapped it to a drive letter.


Does that mean it should not be too long? Also, the actual problem is that I can't relocate the download for this file that has been deemed too long in utorrent. That message I quote appears instead of the file open dialogue box.

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@Andreasvb, while the definition of the path length is 260 characters, there are also some control characters required in that. It is safer to assume the maximum path length is 256 characters.

The 256 path length also has to include the path, file name and extension of all the files in the torrent.


The easiest work around is to map a drive deeper in your folder structure, so the path length being parsed is shorter. But you should think about trying to avoid such long folder names, and deep folder structures.

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