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scrape print missing after stopping downloads


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Hi there, i got a little problem and i couldn't find anything related nowhere, so i'll ask here.

I'm downloading from a private tracker site which controls ratio.

I've like 3 torrents seeding at a time in order to make my ratio going up.

As i've read somewhere that I must manually stop the torrents before to quit utorrent in order to correctly update my ratio on the tracker, I do so.

I stop the 1st manually and in the "general tab" i can read "scrape OK".

But very often, when I do so, the general tab doesn't show "scrape OK" but nothing. <-- this is my problem

I consider that when "scrape Ok" isn't written, the amount of bytes I've uploaded aren't sended to the tracker, so it doesn't count them in my ratio.

To resume:

Everytime "scrape ok" is written: my ratio on the tracker is updated.

Everytime "scrape ok" is NOT written: my ratio on the tracker isn't updated. (even if i've uploaded xxxMo for a torrent, the tracker acts as if i've uploaded nothing)

I don't really know from where it comes (utorrent or the tracker) but does one of you have an idea on how to resolve this ?

Also, I try to wait a little time between stopping 2 torrents but as it happens really randomly.

I use XP

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hi ultima,

here's what i read on my fav bt tracker site: (i've translated it coz it's a french one) :

The update of the ratio is carried out by clicking on the button "Stop". If you close your client via the "close utorrent button/red cross", your ratio is not taken into account.

I've already read that in several bt trackers FAQs. I'm not sure it's the truth, but when more than one tracker recommend to do this, i follow what they say.

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I'll try to watch my ratio after using the exit menu without stopping manually the torrents.

I also think that strigeus has coded the app in order it sends the same events to the tracker whenever you stop the torrent or you exit utorrent.

Just know i'm always using the latest betas.

I got to test this. thanx.

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it seems to work when exiting directly.

I have tested with only one torrent per tracker and it seems to be well updated.

I think my problem comes if I dl/up more than one torrent per tracker ... coz the tracker is stable (not down)

I'll we do the test (with more than one per tracker) when my ratio will become truly positive !

I thank you all guys for your answers, I will try to let you know for the rest.

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ok .... sorry i'm back with this thing. i'm not 100% convinced i got an easiest question about the ratio update.

What do you think about when i stop a torrent, the " General > tracker > tracker state " doesn't show "scrape OK" (it's shows nothing),

will my ratio on the tracker be updated even if it's not "scrape ok" ?

It happens very often with this tracker in particular. However all my other torrents (on other trackers) show "scrape ok" like everytime i stop them.

i didn't get 100% the meaning of "scrape ok".

My tracker always specify that i'm "connectable" and my firewall and windows settings are all done.

It's really upseting, i didn't know when the "scrape ok" will be show and i've used a lot of tricks to force this but no success at this time !

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Well ! i'm reassured about the missing "scrape ok" words.

All my other torrents, when i stop them manually, they everytime write "scrape ok". but one tracker in particular show scrape ok only 1/10 time.

So thank you both for giving me anohter idea concerning this scrape ok. I'll google and try to read again about this "scrape" meaning. Thanx much !

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