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All downloads and uploads queued


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Hello, I've tried a quick search google on this issue. But I haven't found a working solution so far.


To explain my problem:

Since about a week ago, my uTorrent suddenly started queuing all my downloads and uploads. The only way to get them actually downloading and/or uploading is by forcing specific torrents.

- I've checked my preferences in uTorrent and the Queue Settings are higher than the amount of torrents I currently have running. So I doubt that would be the issue.

- Transfer cap is off, so that shouldn't be blocking my running torrents.

- I'm not using a scheduler, so everything should be running full speed.

- I've ran my uTorrent through the Setup Guide (Ctrl+G), it slightly adjusted some settings but still none of the torrents left the queue.

- I'm running the lastest uTorrent, (uTorrent 3.4.2 - Build: 37951) I've even tried downgrading my version and updating. But it made no difference.


So what settings am I currently overlooking or have I ran across a weird bug in uTorrent?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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