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Webui not showing up/downloads when running uTorrent as service


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I am running a server with a copy of uTorrent 3.4.2 on it, running as a service. I am using it to deploy massive amounts of data to classrooms that are needed for lessons.

When logging in local at the server using the same credentials uses to start the service i can start uTorrent. I can also add a torrentfile to the server using the utorrent interface when logged on to the server. All of this is working nice. The clients are able to download the stuff i am seeding.

The issue i am having arises when using the webui.

On a remote computer i am connecting to the enabled webui of the server but no up/downloaded torrents are listed. When looking at the utorrent instance on the server i can confirm that there actually are uploads running...

Also when adding torrents using the webui they aren't visible on the server either.


Anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? I have a feeling that on the server multiple instances of uTorrent are running and the webui is hooked into the wrong instance (or something like that). 


The situation i want to create is that when booting the server, without logging in uTorrent is started and able to serve clients. Using the webui we can remotely manage adding and removing torrents. Logging on locally to the server (RDP) we also are able to manage the same things we do using the webui.

Why both? Mainly because the webui settings are missing some critical elements we want to implement or some elements are not working properly (auto load form dir for example). Also because (large amounts of) data is uploaded to a share on the server and we use the uTorrent on the server to create the necessary .torrent file.

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