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Why is my upload rate slower than my internet connection would allow?


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I don't have a blazing fast internet connection but it's decent.


My VPN server takes out most of my speed but that is also ok.


I get about 3000 kB/s Down and 650 kB/s Up using a VPN server.


I created some torrents that I'm uploading and I would love to upload them faster but I only get between 150-250 kB/s.


When I shut down uTorrent and restart it, my upload rate jumps to 600+ kB/s just for a minute or so and then it's stuck at 150-250 again.


Any idea why this is? Do I need to adjust settings? Is it common / normal? Thanks



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Nothing else is taking away my network speed. Every time I do a speed test I get higher upload rates than what uTorrent uses. The demand is around 15 peers per torrent... And I'm pretty sure those peers can download faster than the 50 kB/s my uTorrent is uploading to them. What makes this really weird is that after a restart of uTorrent the upload jumps to 600+ and stays there for a minute until uTorrent adjusts it to 250 or less. I wonder why it does that  :wacko:

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That may very well be, but they are not downloading exclusively from you.

That's a good point... i just thought about the whole concept of torrenting again. guess i was short sighted and impatient. if i upload my file to one peer really fast, that peer might just disconnect right after it's finished, then my client has to upload the same large file again, and again. instead it slowly gives little pieces to some peers and lets them distribute the data among each other so they all get the file at the same time, slowly but with my client basically only having to upload the file once and not 15 times. that's it, right?? 

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