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Copyright infringement notice from Optimum help


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Hi everyone this is my first time on the forum, I'm not sure who else to ask, but today my mom received a notice on the internet talking about copyright infringement saying that if it continues our optimum will be suspended (i forgot the exact words) but anyway it gave us a number and we called them, the woman on the line was able to identify what i downloaded on utorrent (the 100 tv show) and told me to "delete bittorent," saying that the company made a complaint and she said apparently it's the 5th time we're getting this type of notice? throughout like the past few months. I've been using pirate bay and kickasstorrents to download tv shows recently, but I've been using utorrent for years to download stuff on piratebay/animetake/nyaa and nothing like this has happened in the past until now.


Can someone help me please.. i'm not really sure what to do, I download a lot of tv shows / anime off of utorrent and if there's any way to continue doing this I would die to know.. Like I heard i need to use a private tracker? or do i need to hide my IP address somehow? but I'm not really sure what a private tracker is or how to hide my ip address :(


I can't really see myself not being able to download all the anime, movies, and tv shows that I want :c especially anime, that stuff doesn't really get on netflix :(  if anyone can help me out please i'd greatly appreciate






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