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Utorrent has issue with HTTP seeds


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Utorrent version 3.2.2


When trying to add additional http seeds with utorrent it seems that it cannot download partial files


for example

assume that an torrent  is created in SomeFolderName, and SomeFolderName has files File1.mp3 and File2.txt


adding an HTTP seed for http../somefilepath/SomeFolderName/File2.txt does not download it, however having an HTTP seed for http../somefilepath/SomeFolderName/ where SomeFolderName has both File1.mp3 & File2.txt it manages to work





I have also tried changing the filepaths as it seems http seeding for folders wants the parent directory instead of the direct file path


I have tried all other forms for example





Where SomeFolderName contains only File2.txt, it never seems to download


I suspect that it has to do with the recursive nature of downloading from http seeds, if someone can let me know or give me an link to the manpages on how utorrent works with http seeds that would b great

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