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Scriptable way to edit Advanced Settings?


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I'm looking for a way to update the net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip advanced settings using a script instead of needing to do it manually.  This would give me peace of mind that uTorrent is using the network connection I want it to use instead of anything else (e.g. VPN).  And, if that connection were to become unavailable, uTorrent would stop communicating altogether.


I've looked at programs like VPNWatcher and using my VPN's kill switch, but these are not producing the desired effect:

1. VPNWatcher "kills" the uTorrent process, which causes uTorrent to recheck the torrent data upon relaunch.  This is not desirable.

2. The VPN kill switch prevents me from accessing the Internet using other applications (like Steam or a web browser) while disconnected from the VPN.  This is not desirable either.


I'm fully capable of writing scripts, but I just need to know how I go about setting/updating the net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip advanced settings programmatically (or even through a command-line switch).


Ultimately, I would like to see an option in uTorrent to specify an interface instead of an IP address, but that would make this a feature request instead and might get put on the to-do list for 2055. :)

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