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How to make torrents "active" for seeding/uploading?


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Even though i have a number of torrents that are seeding, none of them are listed as active; i.e., displaying an upload speed.  I've tried forcing them to start, and adjusting various parameters then going back to the defaults.  Many of the torrents have plenty of seeds and peers.


In particular, i'm trying to obtain a good ratio so i don't get banned with a site that i think is using private trackers.  The site's trackers don't allow DHT, peer discovery or peer exchange.  Just last week, after tweaking a few settings, i was able to upload to this site at the highest speeds i've ever seen.  If memory serves, i was uploading in excess of 100Mb/s at times.


Now i can't upload at any speed.  Any help would be very welcome!



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So you mean that i can only upload to a private site when they specifically permit it? I don't get it, why wouldn't they want more uploads?  Right now the file i'm trying to seed on their site says there are 171 seeders and 37 leechers. uTorrent says there are 3 peers, no seeds.  I'm using their tracker...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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