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I was wondering is it possible to implement a new feature in which a label has a predefined configuration. By assigning a label to a torrent I'm actually assigning it the label's predefined configuration, for example: maximum upload/download speed.


This is useful for me as I'm registered on several private trackers, and the account in PrivateTrackerA is more important for me than the one in PrivateTrackerB - thus I would like all torrents downloaded from PrivateTrackerA to have a max upload/download of nolimit / nolimit while torrents from PrivateTrackerB to have 150KB/s / 150KB/s limits.


I can always assign the maximum upload/download configuration manually for each and every torrent, but its tedious and I don't always remember the values I decided for each tracker. Also, right now max upload/download speed is the only configuration I need, but I bet that in the future I'll need other configuration options as well such as moving completed torrents to a separate folder, different initial seeding etc.


Thanks in advance,


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