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Changed HD, now can't do a finder search in uTorrent


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I recently changed my external HD and I reset the directories to point to the new HD where the files downloaded, both before and after the change, are downloaded to.  I also changed the preferences to reflect the new HD location and directory so that it knows it will save to that directory.


For the new downloaded files, when I click on the magnifying glass search in the complete sidebar menu, it will open finder and show me the file.  But for the old downloaded files, it just won't do anything.


I understand that changing the directories can cause this, so if there is no solution, then I will have to live with it.  BUt it would be nice if I could somehow click on the filename's magnifying glass icon so that it will direct me to the file location instead of having to search for it separately in Finder.


Thanks for any help.  Snarky remarks will not be responded to.



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