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Torrenting over school network


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Hello, I am currently a college student. I am currently having trouble connecting to peers over the school network. i can access torrent sites and get magnet links, though I cannot connect to peers even though i'm routing my torrents through a proxy server. i have tried changing to various proxies both foreign and local. Still to no connecting to peers


My specs are

64x bit Windows 8.1

running the uTorrent client with proxies enabled

core i7-4500 CPU @ 1.80GHz 2.40 GHz

8Gb ram


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Is there a way to mask your p2p traffic as something else?

I thought p2p traffic was masked whe you used a proxy or vpn.

They most likely watch for torrent traffic or have filter software to detect torrent traffic. You still go through them so they would notice high volume traffice that would be a good indicator to them this is torrent. Also they most likely have something written in their internet usage talking about torrent and what is allowed and not allowed. This is their protection against Studios suing them over Copyright Infringement. Also VPN or Proxy setting this is something you must do yourself and goes beyond utorrent itself here. So you will have to go to find help at other places if you want to VPN or Proxy.

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