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No torrents active until I restart uTorrent, several times daily


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I have problems with uTorrent, where periodically throughout the day all torrents will become inactive, until I exit and restart uTorrent. Once restarted, usually a lot of torrents will become active again, both downloads and uploads. I have searched in the forums, best practices, and troubleshooting without finding much help with this issue. As a long-time user, I have had this problem for many years, and just tolerated it, but find it pretty aggravating. My suspicion is that I just try to do too much with uTorrent, and let many hundreds of completed torrents continue seeding, and have too many hundreds of torrents trying to downloading. The only thing that I have found that helps for a while is to just get rid of all the torrents, and then gradually add new ones. Aggravating to do this of course. since I find myself getting the same torrents again that I got and deleted last year. Maybe I just am expecting too much? Maybe uTorrent was never intended by people who want many thousands of books and music files? I find myself spending time on searching my hard drive where I manually moved completed files, to see if I already have the files from a particular torrent, so I don't download it again.  Not the way I want to spend my time! Last fall I used GSEEW to collect the list of all previously downloaded ebooks from my HDD folders, then use Kedit to quickly search that list.  But it would be so much quicker to just leave all torrents in uTorrent indefinitely, since it can easily detect previously downloaded torrents!  Maybe someone has some good ideas that will help with this issue. I would appreciate any ideas.  This has been an issue no matter which router, firewall, VPN or no VPN, Windows version I was using over the years.  I do have what used to seem like a lot of RAM, 4GB, and uTorrent does often use over 200MB of this. I do have all the Windows 7 updates. Thanks for considering this.

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