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total internet/network crash


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so i just updated to the lastest utorrent build (3.4.2 beta  build 38401) and shortly there after, i mean about a minute, my internet went completely unresponcive, i couldnt even get into my routers software

i have descovered that closing down utorrent (along with several other programs), and then restarting my router fixed everything, after putting utorrent back on, i had another near immediate network crash, after a quick diagnosis, i noticed that i was getting a lot of network upload traffic, to the point where my pc couldnt handle it, i then remembered an old problem i used to have where utorrent would crash if i had remote connection active (that problem got fixed eventually), and then promptly discovered that disabling remote connection, and waiting a while allowed network to clear and fix itself

i have concluded that there must be a bug with the remote connection feature of utorrent and thus, i am reporting on it

please fix as soon as convinient

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guide? what guide?

i set utorrent up a long long time ago, it worked for ages, when i updated, it automatically imported all the settings, and crashed my network, because remote connection was enabled

i didnt disable any firewalls but i did port forward utorrent, a long time ago

i had an issue, i diagnosed and discovered what was causeing it, i disabled that feature, and fixed my personal issue, then reported what happened, and what i did to fix it

its not like i reinstalled utorrent from scratch and had to re-setup everything, i just clicked the yes button when it asked if i wanted to update

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