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Unable to get torrent to stop trying to be added


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Okay, done searches far and wide...but can't find this issue - please help - either directing me to another topic previously posted or some other solution.


Two torrents are perpetually trying to be added...and causing me to be unable to use uTorrent.


1) Windows 7 system with uTorrent 3.3.2


2) Tryed to use resume.dat.old, but still exists...error/bug must have occured before last shutdown.


3) Other torrents still working in background...but system keeps activating Add New Torrent.  Before I can even chose a drop down from the top bar.


4) After choosing where to d/l file...uTorrent responds with "...already loaded.  Do you want to load the trackers from it?" - regardless the answer, it re-popups with same message.


5) If I uncheck "Start Torrent", uTorrent continues with same "....already loaded. " answer.


I have removed all .torrent files associated with original file, but still uTorrent seems to find some link.

I have edited resume.dat with BEncode and still it POPS-UP.


It appears to be in an infinite loop of trying to load the .torrent file - though it's already loaded.


Any key or link in resume.dat, setup.dat, etc.  which will stop uTorrent from trying to add a non-existing .torrent?


Thanks for any help or assistance...



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