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slow upload speed issues - ideas on how to fix?


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Hello all,


I'm looking for advice on how to increase my upload speed.


For several years now I've been using uTorrent and yet I only ever have a maximize speed of about 250 kb/s.  usually it hovers around 230/240 kb/s, occasionally goes up to 255 or so but never much more than that.


I've done a speed test and I should be getting around 1.75 mb/s.  I'm not even getting half of that. 


any ideas for why I'd be capped on 250ish kb/s?   I went through the list posted in the forum of what to do and it hasn't changed anything.  I did the Glasnost test and it said "There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your BitTorrent uploads.  In our tests, uploads using control flows achieved up to 1414 Kbps while uploads using BitTorrent achieved up to 1302 Kbps."


So clearly I should be getting much higher upload speeds but I'm not.


any ideas on what it could be and how I could fix it?


thanks much in advance.

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Alright, I really appreciate your responding, so if you have a second, please explain this to me like I'm an idiot: if Speedtest is telling me I'm capable of more than 2 mb/s upload, why is my upload on uTorrent only around 250 kb/s?

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