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Migrate Seeds to New Computer?


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I am starting fresh on a new computer, but would like to re-link my torrents (which are on an external HDD) so I can continue seeding them. 

I haven't kept the ".torrent" files over the years. Would I need these to connect uTorrent to the files to seed?


I did some research and couldn't find the answer on how to do this, though I'm sure there is a discussion on it somewhere. 


Also, I am on a mac. 

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I can always take a screenshot of what I have seeding, go to my tracker websites and download them again and re-link them to the external drive.

That will take a bit of work, so I figured I would ask if there is an easier solution. Perhaps copying a preference file, etc; the file that uTorrent currently is using to know what it should be seeding. 

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