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Disk Cache Overloaded when downloading only one torrent.


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Hello. I live in Romania, and I download only one torrent at a time, at about 45-50 mb/s (don't freak out)... My issue is, I always get disk cache overload (I download mainly movies, that are up to 10GB). I've 8GB of RAM and an SSD, and from what I've read, I've gone to the Preferences -> Advanced and then Disk Cache, from there I ticked everything and set the "override automatic cache size..." to 1024MB, and I still get the overload (again, only one torrent at a time). Then I looked at a video <munched by admin, those guides are horrendous and not supported> and made my settings exactly like that guy. If there's something wrong, please comment and thank you for the help. BTW, if that video wasn't good, is there a way to make my settings to default? I don't find any button for that... Thank you again :)

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