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Inaccurate upload rates being reported


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I am running uTorrent version 3.4.2 build 35702. Just curious what the truth is?


I have a global upload limit set at 3kB/s and I sometimes limit each individual torrent upload limit to 1kB/s.


Pretty much all the time each individual torrent reports uploading much faster than that. But the bottom bar shows what might be more accurate by my global upload limit rate.


What's the truth? Which one do I believe?


Why can't the bottom bar be the total of each individual torrents uploaded rates combined and why can't the truth be told for all torrents?


I have a monthly allowance for bandwidth. I need to know what to believe and have the uTorrent program follow the limits I set.


And this problem has been persisting for many versions and builds. Quite annoying this hasn't been fixed yet.


Please see attached picture for refrence....I have the items in question circled in red



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Apply limit to uTP has always been enabled.


I'm thinking of going  back to a previous version that doesn't have all that annoying advertising on it. 


And please keep in mind, this discrepancy has been happening for quite a few versions and builds.  Keeping these totals adding up properly should be a simple thing as really, it's simple math! 0.2+0.6=0.8, not = 27.3 DUH!!!


I tried contacting the uTorrent people directly about this and they say this: "Currently, Customer Support is only available to subscribers of Pro and Ad-Free. We suggest non-paying users visit the uTorrent Forums at: http://forum.utorrent.com"  I don't understand how they wouldn't want to make the free version work properly with direct input from its users, rather than a forum approach?! Seems very irresponsible to me!


And it would be nice if some of you readers would take the time to post your discrepancy pictures too seeing they don't take direct input from their users, maybe they'll stumble across this thread and say to themselves, "Oh, maybe we should fix this"


Yes I can be a sarcastic prick!!!

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