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no seeds/peers displaying in utorrent suddenly


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I have the old utorrent v 2.0.4. I installed it leaving the 'allow for firewall...' checked, always did, and it never failed anyhow.

Now all of a sudden since this morning, the torrent I'm downloading which btw has plenty of seeds/peers is stuck to where it was last night and no other torrent is working either The port I'm using - did an online test of it and site said it was open, but doing it via the in-built run test option says its 'not open (but I can still download)'. I doubt its the port issue (have'nt selected the 'random port select on start' option).

In my trackers list, practically one and every tracker's status is 'Connection timed out'.

Have spent the whole day on just this today and its frustrating.

Will communicate more if anyone can lead me right and let me know where to look for the problem.

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