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Instead of bombarding us with bigger margins release after release why not let the user change the look and feel as not everyone like so much empty space. You guys love to add stuff but lately for me those aren't the greatest things you've added. Due to the line margins the sidebar and torrent listing have increased by at least 50% since v2.2.1 For me it's just 50% of wasted space.


So let us ourselves agjust things through the options menu. Things like:



Font size

Font color

Line height

background color

color for running torrents

color for seeding torrents

etc etc


A good source for inspiration would be mIRC might be an old program but give the user all the look and feel they need in an easy to understand way too.

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well it's not just the sidebar. The torrents itself are a lot bigger too. Great when you seed a decent amount then the list just keeps going on and on and on.


It isn't just uTorrent that goes this way but more and more programs just add useless margins in order to make the program look more modern... I don't want a modern look I want functionality and all those margins doesn't make my use of the program any more functional more the opposite.

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