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How Do I Know What uTorrent is Doing - Proxy/Portwise?


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I just set up my utorrent to use an HMA proxy address as advised on a page at vpncreative.net  In the interests of anonymity.


Looked up a free proxy list from HMA and chose one.


Wrote it in the proxy preferences in utorrent.


I'm not sure i did it correctly.  I usually don't.


Anyway, I switched off HMA and restarted uTorrent.


It is working fine.  But it does that anyway, without HMA.  It could be working without any anonymity for all I know.


Took a look around but couldn't see where I could check its behaviour.


Can anyone help me with that, please?


P.S.  Using win7.  uTorrent wouldn't connect when HMA was switched on prior to all this and wouldn't connect with it switched on after the change, either.

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Well seeing you ask so nicely here's a screenshot.  Of utorrent preferences window.  Is that what you want? Hard to know without requisite information, you'd be familiar with that fact.


I was thinking if there's a place to see what IP and what port utorrent is currently using one could be directed to it quite simply with directions that applied to the general case, requiring no specific information on the system currently in use.


I have utorrent 3.4.2






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