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Dear Sir,


I've read and applied pined thread regarding dropping speed issue. they all help. many thanks to this.


I now wonder sometimes the speed just drop from 1.5MB/s to 5xxKB/s. Often it boost up to 1.x MB/s which good enough for me. but often it drops to 5xxKB but goes up only 8xxKB/S and no more.


I often observe is the speed has droped due to the harddisk activities such as writing completed files or is it creating new file? in this case I would understand the speed would go up again once done.


but once I just click on random port and sudden the speed boost up to 1.xMB/s


can you please describe what happen to my connection?


Sorry should I ask straight forward question. if anyone in the world using using same port that I 'm using. Would the speed goes down OR a person can not use the port.

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