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Advertisement in uTorrent eating too much of CPU!


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I'm experiencing a problem with uTorrent - it is eating too much of CPU.

Some times up to 20-30%. Which is warming CPU for 10^C degrees more than usual and makes a CPU cooler noising.

And that is usually works for days. I did hope it will stop showing that stupid advertisement after some time. But few weeks passed and I'm still seeing the same advertisement (seems "world of tanks" or such).

I tried to click that advertisement but it did nothing - not opened anything and not disapeared.


Is it possible to make it switch advertisement by click or by special button? Just to skip CPU-unfriendly ads.


I know there is possibility to buy non-ads uTorrent but it looks silly and useless for me. I'm not using or interested in of any of the features listed for uTorrent Plus. So, there are no any reasons to buy it for me.

Only a "useful feature" I see is to have it with no ads in it. 


Could you please advise what could be done in such case?

Maybe is it possible to have special "no-ads" version for once-paid price (instead of year-subscription)?

Or could you please make there a button to switch to next ad with a hope that next one would be less CPU-eating?


Thank you.

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