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Disk Cache Overloaded


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Hi I know thats this subject is on this forum, i red it but this not solve my problem.


This "disk cache overloaded" problem never happens to me. Ok some informations:


Torrent to download: 40GB

Download transfer: 14MB/s

Write cache 128MB (in speed tab disk statistics)


Ok. What happens. I look at speed -> disk statistic tab and write cache is getting full very quick and download speed lowered to 1-3MB/s. After long long time I think 5-10 min write cache back to normal about 40-60MB write cache. How can i solve this problem? On internet they said to change write cache to 1700MB. But i dont know it damage my disk or computer.

Please help me i never get this problem with full write cache now its a problem and like i said. After few mintues write cache is loweret to 30-60MB / 120MB and everything back to normal.





I measured the time that write cache is no more fulled. After i start to download 40GB torrent at 14MB/s write cache is full in below 1 min. And after 8-9 min write cache back to 60MB of 128MB and after next 1-2 min (overrage 10 minutes) its back to 20MB of 128MB.



Do some research by myself. I tried to download diffrent big torrent >40GB and what i get.1


1st torrent 36.9GB split on parts ~95MB - write cache nearly full 90-128MB

2nd torrent ~40GB split on part ~750mb - here write cache is full for almost 10-12 min, then back to normal but sometimes utorrent crash.

3rd torrent ~40 GB split on part ~45mb - here write cache first 6-8 min 60-128, then ~20-30MB

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