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µTorrent causes audio corruption (like the sound when Windows is crashing)


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A couple days ago I upgraded from 3.4.2 build 33497 to 3.4.2 build 38429.


If I am playing audio on my computer, after starting µTorrent, usually within less than minute, my speakers output a very annoying sound (for less than a second).  It's the same sound that often happens when Windows is crashing.  I'm not sure how to describe the sound... maybe similar to when you turn on an amplifier, but don't yet have anything hooked up to the input...???


Anyway it sounds like Windows is crashing, but it doesn't crash.  Then the sound goes away and there doesn't seem to be any other adverse effects (though I'm sure it would mess up any audio/video recording that was being made).


I just installed 3.4.2 build 38656, and the problem is still there.


Windows 7 x64.

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Now it's happening several times for a few minutes after starting uTorrent.

And the audio corruption is lasting sometimes a full second (maybe a bit longer).


No one else is seeing this?


Also, I have over 2300 torrents in uTorrent (but most of them are in the "Stopped" state).

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No, I'm sure that's not it (my setup has been just like it is several years).


New info:

It seems to only happen after all the torrents have been loaded (i.e. when the "Torrents (xxxx)" in the left pane reaches the full number of torrents).


Attached is the CPU usage when this happens (the 4 red spikes are when my audio corrupts).  I think the spikes should have been wider/taller, but uTorrent locks Process Explorer so hard that the graph stops updating.


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Sound cards use a feature on motherboards called 'Direct Memory Access' (DMA), which allows the sound card to retrieve audio from RAM without engaging the CPU.

However, if the CPU is too busy to load the next chunk of sound data from the disk into RAM, the sound card gets stuck with the previous chunk, this also happens during a crash, as the CPU stops processing all application requests. (High level way of putting it...)


All that technical jargon out of the way, uTorrent (and other applications) will use the CPU when loading, and this will impact running applications, and audio playback.

I don't think this is a uTorrent problem, and as a workaround you may want to try using Task Manager to re-prioritise your programs.

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