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I don't want Pro


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I'm not sure what's going on in the heads of the uTorrent developers. When you read what uTorrent is all about:

"Light. Limitless. Elegant, efficient torrent downloading. "

Question: How does that lead you to believe people want to pay for something that has damn near nothing to do with that?

Let's go feature by feature:


1. Stream Instantly (beta)


First and foremost isn't this entirely against the way torrent/swarm mechanics are supposed to work? The swarm should focus on increasing availability and maximizing speed not completing a torrent sequentially. Additionally, I don't even download streamable media and if I did I wouldn't stream it on the system running the torrent client I'd stream it from the media center for the house.

So a feature I don't need that seems to make no sense. Good we're off to a great start!


2.Convert, download and play in many formats

Other than the fact that the person who wrote this description doesn't understand english (See image) there is the fact that I do not download streamable media why should I pay for a feature I won't use? A feature that bloats my client and makes it larger than it has to be? What happened to light and efficient? Why the hell does a torrent client even NEED a video player/converter? I can almost guarantee that every system has a media player because people watch things that they didn't torrent. So now my system will have two media players.


Another feature I need that makes no sense. We're really rolling now!


3. Premium New Features


I consider this adding insult to injury. Not only are you making me pay for things I don't want, you're going to add more things I don't want. Fan-****-ing-tasting.

4. Anti-Virus Protection


Great! Because only computers with torrent clients need antivirus! That means that all those pesky people utilizing anti-virus for web browsing and security don't need it right? I already have an AV client that scans everything in memory and on disk, why the hell would I want yours?

5.Early Access

Great! More things I don't want sooner.

6. No ads!

FINALLY, something I want. Not worth paying $20 for but hey at least it made the list.

Why don't you just provide us a cheap pay option to get the client without ads/bloat? That's all we want. No plugins, bundles, toolbars or sponspored offers.
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There's absolutely no reason why they'd put in ads in the first place. None.


Hell most of their "upgrades" are absolutely useless anyways since the newer versions are blacklisted on a ton of torrent sites.


They are really screwing themselves over. Tons of people refuse to update their clients, and it's only a matter of time before some other torrent client comes out that actually delivers what made utorrent famous.

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You can disable adds by setting the following options under Advanced Preferences

offers.left_rail_offer_enabled = false

offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled = false

gui.show_plus_upsell = false

and all the btapps.* set to false


I also blocked the urls at my router, but not everyone is going to be able to do that...

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