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Unknown characters


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When there are unrecognized characters within a torrent, uTorrent replaces the characters with question marks.

This can create an error along the lines of:

"Error: The system cannot find the path specified"


"Error Opening ...................... The system cannot find the file specified." within the logger

Windows being unable to save a file or directory with a "?"

With a single file torrent and some batches with bad directories you can just rename the file/dir in the command dialog before you download, but there is no way i know of to do that effectively for files within batch torrents.

If either the default relacement/unknown character was changed (to something like underscore maybe) or individual files within a batch could be renamed the error should disappear.

I did search through the forum and this is not a max path length error.


It's nice to have a torrent gui that doesn't kill my comp with bugs or high cpu load

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In the instances that this occured the characters were recognized in other torrent programs but given "?"s in uTorrent

If the torrent was encoded improperly i'd expect it not to work at all

The torrents with unrecognized characters will start to download, but when uTorrent attempts to write/check/append the first piece it downloads it doesn't find anything because a file with "?"s can't be saved.

whether or not an error exists within the torrent, replacing an unknown character with a ? doesn't function well

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that's assuming uTorrent works perfectly

My post was moved from Bugs to Troubleshouting

I'm trying to point out a possible bug

the character replacement

a specific problem involving character recognition within batch torrents, and uTorrent handling those characters in a way that a uTorrent user cannot resolve from their end

the torrents with the same characters will work in other torrent apps because they are either recognized or a replaced with a writeable symbol

if uTorrent replaced unknown characters with some symbol/dash/space rather than a ? this type of error would not occur

this particular behaviour within uTorrent probably doesn't cause common problems given that there are a limited number of character that would not be recognized

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DreadWingKnight: µTorrent does support using different encodings (protocol violation or not), as long as it's specified (and in this case, it is).

I think the problem is that µTorrent replaces all characters you don't have the appropriate fonts for with ???, which naturally won't work.

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