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Priority system and file skip doesn't work at all.


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Hey everyone,


I just reformatted my computer and after installing my OS I installed uTorrent. 


Just tried downloading a magnet file, and yep all good, downloading at good speed. 


Only problem is, clicking "don't download" doesn't do anything, and low-priority files are treated as normal-high (still downloads at significant speed when 80% of the torrent is low-priority, the remaining 20% high-priority)


Attached is a picture of what I'm on about. (file names omitted)




As you can see, there is about 2 or 3 gigabytes of data I simply do not want to download. Not only that, but those files are being downloaded at almost double the rate of the files I set as high priority and those files are at the same speed as low-priority files (it just chooses to download highs first thank god - at least that works).


so yeah. The file priority sytem and file skip on my uTorrent is completely, utterly broken. 



I just reformatted so I don't have any configuration files or anything like that left over from a previous installation. I don't wanna have to use bitTorrent or something like that, uTorrent is my favourite. But if I can't choose which files to download (like I ALWAYS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO) then I guess I have no choice.

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That doesn't show the files in piece order, nor does it properly show a bug.



................................................How does it not show a bug?


It clearly shows the files being downloaded when they're set to skip. That is a bug by every possible definition. Usually the progress bar goes completely red, and the files DO NOT DOWNLOAD. 




Jesus, how did you become admin?



Fuck it, I'm out of here. 

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