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utorrent on nas (Asustor AS-604T)


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Im using utorrent (utserver for linux) on my AS-604T.

I have an issue with the upload speeds. The upload speed can get up to maximum (4 MB/s), but the issue is that i have almost 200 torrents seeding for linuxtracker.org and it has 10 - 60 torrents active, but only 2 or 4 is with +100 KB/s or more and half is below 10 KB/s.. Sometimes one or two of them gets up to 2 MB/s or 4 MB/s (Not to often) so im wondering if something is wrong. First i contacted the guy who added utorrent to the Asustor app central, but he referred me to here..


My intenret connection is 50/50 Mbit, but i can push it further. i have set a speed limit to 4096 KB/s i have set number of active uploads (seeding) to 999. i also have doubled the peers per torrent, upload slots and so on.. the port is open.


I myself have Ubuntu 14.10. Its connected with lan cables and on my local network i have +100 MB/s in transfer speeds. My router is a TP-Link N750

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