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I messed up,help me!


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I had an active torrent and i messed with the port(Options>Preferences>Connection)

I changed it and the torrent was delayed to infinity.

I tried reseting the settings to default by deleting the settings.dat and settings.dat.old.

It didn't work :/

I leave you with a picture of utorrent attached.

Ty in advancepost-381530-0-29602200-1423764446_thumb.

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try removing the torrent and reloading it fresh. then right click and run a force recheck of it. then start it. and right click it and update tracker. also right click - advanced - reset bans and clear peer list, the right click force start and right click update tracker again.


make sure utorrent is added to the firewall exception list, look for the option to add exception to fireall and uncheck apply, then check apply.


and also correct ports are open on the router.  make sure your using the same port you were before that was working.

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