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upon recheck torrent continually reverts to 99%


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i download a torrent until its 100% finished. then i stop the torrent and force recheck it. sometimes it reverts to only 99% complete. so i continue download. it finishes AGAIN. then i stop it and force recheck again. it shows 100% complete. i remove the torrent. i reload the torrent back into utorrent and do a force recheck again again. torrent reverts back to 99% again.


problem continues indefinately. over and over. i cant fix the file.


this happens not only with utorrent but with many other torrent clients as well.


this happens not only with one file but with many many diferent kinds of files, all the time.


note: some torrents do actually finish properly 100% and reloading the torrent and rechecking it shows 100%


rarely after a continual failure to get the last 1% and trying over and over it finally does finish properly and i do get the last 1%. then reloading/rechecking the torrent shows 100%


another weird thing is some of the files that show partially or even totally incomplete seem to work fine, as if they actually are complete even though the torrent apps reload/recheck shows otherwise.


usually on video or iso files the problem is a 100% then reverting to 99% upon reload/recheck. but sometimes with games or programs that have multiple files the bigger files will finish 100% properly but the smaller ones dont. they show 100% then revert to 0% or 50% etc... contunually upon reload/recheck of torrent.




**i have found posts online that other people are having the same problem, no solution found.


**i have a brand new computer with no viruses or hardware problems of any kind.


**many other people may have this same problem and not even realize it. as most people do not fully reload a torrent and then recheck its completion level.



HELP! i can only assume that this is a core problem with the torrent file sharing system itself. and many people are having this problem but dont even realize it. perhaps there is corrupted peices on the sharing network itself that fool the torrent apps into thinking the file is 100% good but then upon reload and recheck the torrent hash comparison realizes its corrupt and reverts to 99%(or lower on small files)





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