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another problem with windows vista


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Hi everyone,

Have a problem since last Monday (12-02-2015), I'm running windows vista 32bits, my router is a fritz box.

All the sudden, torrent stopped download to my PC any new file from anywhere.

I'm still able to upload, but every time I try to get a new torrent, it says: "torrent error, access refused"

It looks like there's a firewall issue, I removed the firewall on windows, but it did not worked.


I already checked everything I could, I tried on another laptop with windows 7 on the same router and everything is fine, I copied all the parameters from the laptop to the pc but, no results.

I'm a torrent user from several years, and this is my first issue ever.


Anyone out there could give me a hand?

Thank's a lot in advance





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Hello again,

thank's for the feed back.

Should I change the location of the downloaded files from Z:\ to another disk on my PC?

I did it before, no changes.

But I guess you 're telling me something different?

Is my "download folder" the one where I place all downloaded files?

Would it make a difference if I pre-allocate the files?





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4 things:

How on earth did you manage to figure out what was wrong with my folder?

How did the folder changed its properties by itself like a thief?

The first 3 new downloads were running despite the red icon on bottom right screen saying my connections were not good.

Now it's gone & I have the green check icon.

Can I pay you a beer?

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1> The error message you're getting is a blatant tell (Access denied means uTorrent doesn't have write access, usually caused by the security properties on the files or folders)

2> It happens because of NTFS permissions, sometimes they don't play nice

3> http://bt.degreez.net/firewalled.html

4> Probably not in person without a passport.

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