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my downloads and seeds have no access to trackers


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I'm a regular downloader + seeder. Suddenly all torrents stopped. ALL the trackers (except one) time out, every time.


One tracker was available, I had one active seed, no downloads. I deleted that torrent. Now I have ONE other seed active, with one tracker. I am quite unhappy because this is no way of torrenting. My version looks like uDrip, not uTorrent.



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I had a similar problem until 30 minutes ago. When going into control panel to uninstall utorrent I discovered that somehow I had managed to acquire 'Ad-Aware Web Companion' which runs on startup.


Once this was uninstalled, my torrents appear, at the moment, to be working normally again.


Bear in mind that at the moment I am using qBittorrent because or the really annoying 'ads' with sound currrently on utorrent :-( . But qBit had the same problem earlier today !!


Hope this works for you !

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