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Automatic Update


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Is the "automatic update" feature working... for anyone? Are any known bugs associated with this feature?


I don't remember even one successful update since the feature was intro'd. I turn it off in disgust, after it fails to work time after time.

I have searched this forum (there's this and this), but haven't found any topics anywhere that end in success or confirmed fixes.


Most of the time, after selecting "Yes" to update, the app closes, but never restarts. When I start it manually, I get the update prompt again.

Now I'm having basically the same thing happen, only I get a very helpful "uTorrent failed to update" box when I manually restart it.

The new version is being downloaded successfully, but it is not being copied or overwriting the old executable successfully.


It seems so simple: download update, check file, copy and overwrite, run...

Maybe the dev team is just messing with people (ad-disablers?) or something. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I've tried on 2-3 new installations in last year or so. Very few if any other problems.


So here I am finally posting a(nother) topic about this. Help is appreciated.


Version: Stable, 32-bit (many, latest,

Install: Default (AppData\Roaming\uTorrent)

OS: Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit)

Antivirus: ESET SS 8 (on, off)

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