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Upload / Seeding troubles & issues


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Hello All,


I'm new to this forum whilst using uTorrent since a couple years on my mac now.
Everything was working perfectly fine until I move from Snow Leopard system to OSX Yosemite.

Now, I can download from certain sites but not from Kick ass torrent nor T411 (french website I use) and I think it is because I exceeded the ratio rule they put in place.

And this is my main problem !
Indeed the upload/seed speed is always 0 or close to (it reaches 0,1ko/s for a second or two in 99% of times then stops again).


I don't know how to do to ensure this will start back so I can share again.

Please find below a short overview of my current configuration:



Upload manually limited to 100ko/s

Download not limited


Connexions Global limit: 200

Connexions Per Torrent limit: 50

Files: Transferts limit: 14

Files: Download limit: 5


TCP port 50500

Automatically map port


I also place the following screenshot in case this would help.


If you have any thoughts, thank you in advance for your help.



ps: apology if that was already posted and solved as I searched for it on the forum but couldn't find any appropriate answers :)


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