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installing applications without my permission


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I downloaded, installed and unchecked the advertisement features on/and during install. Skype was installed and standard low-end ports were opened and set to LISTENING, I manually had to close my ports because uTorrent decided to open and install applications on my computer. Skype was not even a option as a advertisement install. That is what is illegal.



How come Skype was installed right after the installer of UTorrent? That is plainly illegal.


I told uTorrent not to be added as an exception to my firewall, it ignored my request. understand this, I have this all on video.


I will not release this video if you correct your software in 24 hours, if not I will drop it on many social media web sites to prove that many old post are true plus SNORT has many evidence against uTorrent.



All respect to the users who have been infected, and ignored by uTorrent.


This better never happen again, and for everyone and uTorrent to know, don't mess with my computer or network, you will regret it.

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Thanks for raising this with us.


The installation of Skype is one of the various install path offers we distribute with uTorrent. There is notification prior to install, with the option to opt out as well. If you would not like Skype installed on your system, simply uninstall it as normal.

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