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Download restarts after computer shutdown!!


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I downloading a huge torrent file (almost 400GB) but ever time I shutdown my computer the uTorrent restarts the download leaving me with no other choice then to "force recheck" which takes more then 2 hours! :(


I'm using en external hard drive for the purpose, latest version of win 8.1 and latest version of uTorrent.


Are there any setting options or any possible action that would prevent this behavior?


Thanks in advance, your time and effort is much appreciated.

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Thanks a lot for a super quick reply :)


I've only had it shutdown twice so far. First time was a motherboard shortcut due to overheat but second time was a regular shutdown. Although I've closed the uTorrent just before I pushed the power button, the shutdown it self did take more time then usual. This could imply that the uTorrent was still working own its shutdown in the background (perhaps moving some files or alike). Nevertheless windows did not prompt me any.


I've installed an additional fan and next time I'll close the uTorrent 15 minutes before I hit the power button, I really hope that this will resolve the issue. In either case I'll return with a reply.


Once again, thanks for your help mate.

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