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Incomplete torrents moved to completed location. Can't reset download location for multiple torrents


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I started up utorrent but didn't have the external drive attached that contains my custom utorrent download directories. So I exited utorrent and attached the drive. When I started up utorrent again, it continued to report for all the torrents that the download location couldn't be found. So I selected all the torrents, and did a force start. Then things were back - EXCEPT, for some reason, utorrent changed the download location on ALL 250 torrents and moved them to the completed folder, even though the torrents were incomplete, and download continued in the changed location.  


Then I discovered the next major headache: When I tried to select the multiple torrents to change the download location back, it only does one at a time, popping up a file dialog for each of the torrents!


NOTE:  The global directory settings in preferences were still pointing to my original locations.



1. How to avoid or quickly recover from this situation when utorrent starts up without seeing the download locations?

2. How to change the download location in one step for ALL selected torrents?


Using utorrentPro 3.4.2 build 38656 on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1.

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