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Hello all. I just formatted my PC, Window XP. Downloaded utorrent, and the speed is almost zero! Connecting to peers forever, and the download speed is 1KBs only. I never faced this problem before formatting. I didnt change any of the settings, and neither did my ISP. 


A friend living next door, i asked him to download the same file, and he didnt have any issues with downloading. This is very annoying and frustrating. The firewall is off, and am using the same antivirus all my life, eset. 


Can anyone guide me through this please? I just downloaded Vuze Leap, and the download is way better, at 900KBs. My internet speed is 10Mbps. Finally, I've noticed with utorrent, although there isnt any real download happening, I cant surf the net, or even access the router, and it keeps loading forever. Once I quit from utorrent, surfing becomes back to normal. 



I love utorrent, and I dont want to use any other client, unless there is no solution.





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