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u Torrent won't work after update


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Hi all,

I updated u Torrent this mornign as requested by the application, and after update I realised it won't work. When I start it, it will start the process but no windo will appear -- thus, no possibility of opening torrents.


Console will show the following lines:


17/02/2015 17:50:34.230 uTorrent[6428]: Failed to connect (nameTextField) outlet from (RSSAddFeedController) to (NSTextField): missing setter or instance variable
17/02/2015 17:50:34.404 uTorrent[6428]: *** -[__NSCFConstantString substringToIndex:]: Index 1 out of bounds; string length 0

I also tried re-installing u Torrent, but results are the same.


I'd appreciate some help in getting this fixed an u Torrent work again.


Thanks in advance.

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