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Tracker Query - Connection Timed Out - All Of Them??


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When I Create New Torrent, the torrent starts off Seeding (blue) then after ~1minute goes Seeding (red) - probably due to the Connection Timed Out message.


In addition to the 3 default trackers uTorrent adds, I added some more (found on Public BitTorrent/Open BitTorrent).


So are no trackers working right now? I've seen this Connection Timed Out message for the past few days.


Using beta.



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Hi I have the same problem.


I use Peerblock 1.2 and found that if I disable it most of the UDP trackers will work, though there are a few that still don't update.


By a tedious process of elimination,disabling lists one at a time, I discovered two lists which were blocking trackers (sorry I can't remember the names, I just deleted them - The name was just an URL with a lot of letters after:


uTorrent's own IP blocklist didn't have any effect so I presume it's ok.


Hope this helps. If you're using Peerblock, just try running uTorrent without Peerblock for a few minutes and see if it helps.



It is still blocking some trackers so there must be another entry in one of the other lists.

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