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in split scene/split episode files, utorrent downloads complete file after rehashing


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Hello everyone,


after a reset utorrent lost all my torrents. I dont have all my torrents in my resume.dat.old file (it was overwritten), so  I think i have to batch open all my torrent files (which i kept) again (via preferences/directories/automatically load .torrent files from). The problem is, some downloaded torrents include split scenes or split episodes, of which i have only wanted to have a few, so i had dowloaded only part of the torrent. When i add such a torrent, utorrent automatically starts to download all files in that torrent. I don't want to add every torrrent manually ( i have 100+ torrents), so how do i circumvene this issue?


Thanks for any help.


I have version 3.2 (build 27568).

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