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uTorrent with Network Attached Storage (NAS)


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I`m using Yosemite 10.10.2 and using utorrent 1.9.1 beta version.


I`m using NAS as my default download location.


now it all works good but the problem is that I am getting speed bursts.


My max download speed is about 2MB, but occasionally on its own, the download jumps to about 20-30MB/s.


Which of course is not the real speed, but what it does is, slows down the over all performance and also a strange but odd issue with iTunes.


It will jump 20-30mb despite I have used the limiting speed to 2000kb.


Sometimes when I`m downloading, the iTunes takes a long time to start, i have to see the icon bounce a long time before it opens. 


I don't know what is the connection of NAS with iTunes with torrent client.


If anyone can share their thoughts, please feel free.

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