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Old problem hoping for a solution


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I  have written about this last May, but the problem still exists.  At the time, I received a reply that the problem was solved with the next update, but alas, that is not the case.  Still happening, nearly a year later.


I have appended my original post several times, but thought it may be better to start a new thread as I seem to be the  only person left reading that thread.


So, this is my problem:


Every time I download a torrent, I get a pop-up telling me that an older version of uTorrent is running, would I like to close it and open the latetst one. 


Problem being, I can only find one version running (even in the add/remove program list)


Since this started happening last year, I have purchased a new computer, clean installed uTorrent, and after a week or so, the same problem started happening again


This doesn't seem to stop the torrent from downloading, but it is just frustrating.


Two new things started happening lately.  When I reboot, I get a popup asking if I would like to install and older version.  I can't understand what that is about.  Incidentally, I no longer get told when a new version is available.  I just checked  - I was running  38656, but the latest is 38758 (now installed)


And the latest, but most peculiar development...  A few times now, I download a torrent, it starts downloading, then a couple of minutes lates completely disappears!  I have to download it again to make the download "stick"




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They should be pointing at the current version of uTorrent, not the old version they currently are pointed at.

I am sorry, I don't understand.  I can only find one version of uTorrent installed.  I hope I am not misunderstanding what you mean by pointing, but I have a shortcut for uTorrent (although it mostly opens with Windows) and it is pointing at the only version I have


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